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"I believe you’re luckier that I didn’t shoot you, and I the reverse," the mercenary commented dryly, thinking back to their rather unpleasant first meeting. At the time he was sure he’d hoped never to see the biotic again. It was almost unthinkable that now he’d invite the man into his home.

Nate’s gaze flicked to Anders’ face at his words, lingering a little on his smile before he made eye contact, expression calculating. He dislikes his own weakness, dislikes looking away from the biotic in the face of his gratitude. He really shouldn’t care about such open honesty; after all, his parents were never anything if not –albeit sometimes brutally - candid with him. It wasn’t like they didn’t keep secrets or didn’t hide things, of course, but they made eye contact when they said things and never flinched away. His father taught him never to look down, even when accepting due punishment.

But there was a great deal of difference between accepting punishment and accepting gratitude and Nate had never been very good at the latter. He didn’t do what he did for other people’s thanks; he did it because it was his duty. Or at least, that had been true when he’d been in the Alliance. These days he did it for profit, mostly, and only because one could not survive on responsibility and a strong sense of pride. The thing was, he hadn’t done anything for Anders for money. He supposed he could have demanded compensation for his services from the biotic, but it hardly seemed worth it. Not to mention the blond had made it clear that the kind of protection Nate afforded wasn’t usually given to non-paying clients. Anders definitely didn’t have much money and taking his remaining credits felt wrong, whether he deserved them or not.

It wasn’t even the “free” bit that rankled him the most, though. It was the fact that he was going above and beyond for somebody that should, for all intensive purposes, be a threat. Anders wasn’t a fellow soldier or his sister or even a fellow (tolerable) member of the Blue Suns. The man was a rogue biotic who’d burned Eclipse and God knew who else to come take his clothes off on Omega. Why was he worth keeping safe? Simply because he looked at Nate and didn’t sneer?

If the mercenary was looking for the answers in Anders’ face he wasn’t about to find them and with a soft huff at his own foolishness he looked away again, expression closed.

"You have filling on the side of your mouth."

"What can I say - something about you tugged my heartstrings that night," Anders shot back, a vague half-grin forming across his lips. "Maybe it was the way you walked in like a wounded puppy. Or maybe it was Maggie, I don’t know."

There was a long moment of silence between them when the mercenary caught and held his gaze. He would have liked to say he could see the depths of his emotions or some equally awful bullshit just from looking at his face, but Anders was somewhat unhappy to note that the other man was more guarded than a quarian. Unsurprising, of course, but it was unnerving to look a man in the eyes and not have some sort of inkling as to what he was feeling or thinking.

But that was different, he realized. The people he’d surrounded himself with - even though most he held at arm’s length - were all open books. He could read between the lines and understand what they wanted from him before they dared to open their mouths. A useful talent, of course, because it gave him enough time to turn tail and run when the words came back wrong.

Nathaniel was not that, and that realization was equal parts terrifying and fascinating. Learning what made him tick would be like learning a foreign language - and despite the rational parts of him reminding him that a book he could not read might very well have content that could harm him, he couldn’t subdue his curiosity.

He was broken from his reverie at Nate’s comment, however, and he blinked a few times in surprise - before he snorted with laughter, unsure if he was reacting to the comment itself or the needless depth of his previous thoughts. Regardless, he reached up and wiped the pastry filling from the side of his mouth, making a show of sliding his finger into his mouth and licking it off.

"All gone?"


Yeah, it sounded to Edmund like Anders wasn’t exactly his biggest fan. It made him smirk slightly. Having constantly adoring fans could be just as tiring as having a bevy of people want to kill you. Even if the medic didn’t hate Shepard, at the very least he didn’t like the commander, and that was refreshing after dealing all day with people expecting the brusque biotic to save them.

"Depending on which half of my reputation you hear, hatred isn’t a surprise." Shepard shrugged, unfazed. He knew he rubbed people the wrong way a lot. Didn’t bother him. He brushed it off now and focused on what he came for. "The Normandy is in docking bay D24, if you can spare the time. I’d imagine Chakwas would be glad to see you. Otherwise, send a message for a private to bring the supplies.”

"Forgive me for being somewhat cautious around a man who once allied himself with Cerberus," Anders commented in a somewhat clipped tone, casting the Commander a look. He paused, a thin-lipped frown forming. "But I don’t suppose I know the whole story. Continue shooting down Cerberus soldiers and I might change my mind about you."

He took the nearby medical kit he’d been using to treat the asari child and snapped it shut to busy his hands, looking away from Shepard as he did so. “I don’t have much time to spare, unfortunately, but I would like to see Karin again. Are you heading there right now? Perhaps I could accompany you.”

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